Brenne Single Malt French Whisky

Brenne Single Malt WhiskyBrenne Estate Cask is a single-barrel release that is hand-crafted from seed-to-spirit in Cognac, France by a 3rd generation distiller. The two varietals of barley, which are grown in the chalk-rich soil of Cognac, are fermented more slowly at colder temperatures to extract more complexity from the grains. The wash is distilled twice in a copper alembic still and then starts the aging in lightly charred, heavily toasted new French Limousin oak barrels for a minimum of five years. It is then transferred into our distiller’s own used Cognac barrels for an average of 2 years. Brenne Estate Cask is never vatted and is proofed down to 40% abv for bottling. This creates an entirely new flavor profile to the single malt category – offering more fruit-forward and complex sugar notes. There will be very slight variations between each barrel release (individual barrel numbers are stamped on the back label) which further emphasizes the hand-crafted nature of this spirit.

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