Henry DuYore’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Henry Duyore's Straight Bourbon WhiskeyHenry duYore is made by Ransom Distillery. The distillery is perched in the hills of North West Oregon, where the slim line between man and nature keeps a balanced divide that reminds us of the beauty and struggle to tame the wild, and craft exceptional spirits.

Mash Bill: Corn (56%), Rye (35%), Barley (9%)
Aging : minimum 4 years, some double wooding
Cooperage : mixed Bourbon American oak (4 and 5 year old barrels) and French oak.
Wax seal, hand bottled, hand labeled.

Henry Du Yore’s Bourbon is an ultra premium American Whiskey that fits within the boundaries of the Bourbon category: a mash bill of greater than 51% corn and an aging program of at least two years in new Bourbon barrels, but with a greater than usual influence from rye and a liberal amount of barley to give greater viscosity and weight to the palate. Longer aging and a unique finishing program utilizing French oak barrels lend additional complexity to this whiskey. This distinctive blend yields a whiskey that is somewhere between Bourbon, Rye and an unpeated Single Malt. Henry du Yore’s Straight Bourbon is a whiskey that at once embodies and expands the great American whiskey category. It is a fitting tribute to the old moonshiner Henry du Yore.

Although Henry Duyore (an alias) is now completely reformed, his true identity cannot be revealed. He prefers to stay near his cabin while enjoying hunting,

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