Old Pulteney Navigator Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Old Pulteney NavigatorOld Pulteney Navigator Bottling Note
What’s that we spy off the starboard side? It’s a new single malt whisky from Old Pulteney! The Navigator is a maritime malt aged in a mix of ex-sherry and bourbon casks in celebration of the distillery’s history with the ocean and the old sea dogs that sail it.

Sweet, succulent apple lashings with dollops of chocolate and vanilla.

Drips of honey and syrup-y orange.


A salty finish sneaks up from nowhere, very nice.

Set sail for tasty single malt!

Barr Hill Vodka

Barr Hill VodkaOur relationship with the land and honey bees inspired and gave birth to this vodka. The soul of a beekeeper is filled with the rhythms that flow through the seasons, reflecting the changes in the flowers, rains, sun and all the forces that are a part of this beautiful mystery. Barr Hill Vodka is crafted from honey at our micro-distillery on the banks of the Lamoille River in Caledonia Country of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Honey is cold fermented for several weeks then carefully distilled in our custom stills. The spirit which emerges reflects the essence of the soil and flowers visited by the bees. Available in pints.

Filibuster Dual Cask Rye Whiskey

Filibuster Rye

“Dual Cask aging is what makes our small batch whiskies stand apart from the crowd. Whiskey derives its deep golden color, signature aroma and smooth flavors of vanilla, caramel and spice from aging in fully charred American White oak barrels, or “casks”. This aging process has long been the heart and soul of good whiskey.” -Producer


Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

The small fish on the label is attached manually. It is a symbol of the purity of nature, elaborately preserved by the hands of true masters“Beluga’s composition is unique: not only is their malt alcohol of the most exquisite quality, and pearly artesian water, but also the diligent handiwork of past masters with their care for every detail. Not just a vodka, but an attitude towards life – one in which everything matters, everything has its place, and every deed has its special meaning.

Beluga vodka is manufactured in an environmentally pure and untouched corner of Siberia, 300 km from the nearest settlement. Beluga undergoes the processes of filtration quartz sand post-filtration and maturating for a 3-month period. “Calmed” and “rested” at every stage, Beluga is saturated with irreproachable taste.” Distiller’s Notes
Currently only available in 1.75 liter bottles.

Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin

Catoctin Creek Watershed GinScore: 91 (Gold Medal – Exceptional) “Will make bold cocktails.”
– Beverage Testing Institute, July 27, 2011

“Paying respect to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, in which our beloved Catoctin Creek does flow, this gin is a bit of a watershed itself.

Distilled from organic rye grain, with a secret recipe of organic herbs and spices, Catoctin Creek Organic Watershed Gin® is unlike any gin you’ve tried. Amazingly complex, with a rye base that shines through subtle citrus and cinnamon notes, essences of fresh cut hay, and of course a crisp juniper character.  Together, they make Watershed Gin a fine cocktail mixer.” – Distiller’s Notes

Boomsma Oude Genever Gin

From Holland, this is an old-style gin made in a Dutch traditional style that dates back to the 1700s. Unlike most gin the Oude, meaning old, has been aged in oak barrels, giving it a warm brown hue. The flavor is surprising for gin drinkers, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon and a long finish. This is a sipper’s delight and will make brilliant cocktails.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Company Small Batch Grenadine

Jack Rudy Grenadine“We start with pomegranate juice from a small family farm in Madera, CA; they juice their fruit whole in a patented press that renders a matchless, robust pomegranate juice. To that we add cane sugar and orange flower water, and apply enough heat to dissolve the sugar while still maintaining the inherent zip of the fresh juice.

Jack Rudy Small Batch Grenadine is rich and full-flavored up front, and then gives way to a bright, almost tropical finish that lifts a drinks profile; use it to create new cocktails, or to revisit classic drinks like a Ward 8, Jack Rose, El Presidente, or Monkey Gland.

Handcrafted in Napa Valley” – Jack Rudy’s Website